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It can be hard to come up with unique Christmas stocking filler ideas, so we've taken the hard work out of the job for you this Christmas and rounded up our top games for your children's Christmas stocking. Discover our stocking filler ideas below.

Stocking Filler Games For Children


Bandido Box

Bandido is a tile-laying card game where cooperation and intuition catch the bad guy. Bandido is trying to escape jail through tunnels that start underneath his cell. You take on the role of the prison guards who are trying to prevent him from escaping prison. Will you be able to work together and stop him or will he escape?

Bandido is small, compact and a fantastic game to go in your children’s stocking. Bandido is suitable for 1-4 players (age 6+) and takes 15 minutes to play.

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Bandida Box

Bandida is the sequel to the bestselling game Bandido. A new prisoner has come to town but will you play as cops to prevent Bandida from escaping, or will you switch to the dark side to help her escape? You’ll find everything you loved in the first game, and more... Including new items, new game modes and special events. This is the perfect recipe to have fun with family and friends!

Bandida is small, compact and a brilliant game to go in your children’s stocking. Bandida is suitable for 1-4 players (age 6+) and takes 15 minutes to play.

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Tucano Box

Tucano is a brilliant family card game set in a forest full of tasty fruits. Will you be the most gourmet bird? Collect lots of tasty fruits but be careful: some may not be that good for you… Harvest the best fruits and use toucan cards wisely to protect your collection… or to steal from your opponents!

Tucano’s small box and colourful cards make it an ideal game for your children’s stockings. Tucano is suitable for 2-4 players (age 6+) and takes 15 minutes to play.

Cockroach Poker

Cockroach Poker Box

Cockroach Poker is a bug-rilliant reverse set collection game all about bluffing, with cards that show stink bugs, toads, rats and more creepy creatures. Your mission isn’t to win, but simply to not lose by forcing another player to collect 4 of any one type of critter. 

Cockroach Poker’s travel-sized box, creepy critter cards and hilarious gameplay will quickly make it a family favourite. Cockroach Poker is suitable for 2-6 players (age 8+) and takes 15 minutes to play.

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Sushi Go

Sushi Go Tin

Sushi Go! is a fun, fast-paced pick and pass card game that will leave you hungry for more. Your goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. There’s a lovely mixture of dumplings, tempura, puddings, nigiri and more! Gather the most points and declare yourself the sushi master! 

Sushi Go’s travel-friendly tin and beautiful sushi themed cards make it the perfect addition to your children’s stockings! Sushi Go is suitable for 2-5 players (age 8+) and takes 15 minutes to play.

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P for Pizza

P for Pizza Box

P for Pizza is a fast and frantic letter game that serves 2-4 players. Each round there are three letters and three categories on the table, and you have to link a letter to a category. You need to be super quick to beat your opponents. To win you must collect 9 pizza slices and use them to build 1 giant pizza slice!
P for Pizza is a delicious family party word game that's almost good enough to eat! (But maybe get some chocolate coins for your children to eat instead). P for Pizza is suitable for 2-4 players (age 8+) and takes 20 minutes to play.

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Ok Play

Ok Play Box

Ok Play is an abstract travel tile game. With nothing but four stacks of coloured tiles, it's no wonder why OK Play is regarded as the world's easiest to understand game. Don't let that fool you though - while this game takes minutes to learn, it takes hours to master. 

Ok Play is small, easy to learn and quick to play making it a fantastic game to take to the grandparents or away with you on holiday. Ok Play is a multi-award winning game - 'Best Family Game' - Imagination Gaming and 'Parent's Choice Award 2018'. Ok Play is suitable for 2-4 players (age 6+) and takes 15 minutes to play.

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The Mind

The Mind Box

The Mind is an award-winning game of sixth sense and second-sight that sees you work together against the odds. As a team, you lay down number cards (from 1 to 100) in ascending order. Sounds easy right? The catch is, you can’t communicate! You must use the power of your mind!

The Mind has sold over 1 million copies, so there’s no doubt that your children will enjoy playing it. The Mind is suitable for 2-4 players (age 8+) and takes 20 minutes to play.

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Mixups Box

Mixups is a hilarious snap based game for the whole family. You flip cards and check to see if the animal halves match another card. If they do, you call ’Mixups’ & slap the matching cards to collect them. The first player to collect all the Mixups animal cards wins!

Mixups is small and compact with super simple instructions, making it the perfect gift for your children. But watch out - your kids might beat you! Mixups is suitable for 2-5 players (age 4+) and takes just 20 minutes to play.

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Kawaii Box

Kawaii is a tasty family card game where your mission is to be the fastest to collect as many ice creams of your favourite flavour as you can. To succeed you need to closely watch other players’ actions, use your memory and act fast, with no hesitation -  or you might see your score melt like ice cream in the sun!

With it’s cute cards and simple gameplay, Kawaii is a very fun game that is a great gift for your children’s stocking. Kawaii is suitable for 3-5 players (age 6+) and takes 15 minutes to play.

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Papageno Box

Papageno is a pocket-sized family card game where your mission is to attract the lightest birds into your enchanted garden. To impress the Queen, you’ll need to attract only the best birds. Choose carefully, as the heaviest birds might cost you the victory…

Papgeno is small, compact and a great game to go in your children’s stocking. Papageno is suitable for 2-5 players (age 6+) and takes 15 minutes to play.

Go Nuts for Donuts


Go Nuts for Donuts Box


Go Nuts for Donuts is a fast-paced pastry-picking card game for the whole family, with just a sprinkle of strategy. Outsmart your opponents and collect donuts fresh out of the oven for points. But choose carefully – if two or more players go for the same donut, nobody gets it!

Go Nuts for Donuts simple rules and delicious donut cards make it a brilliant game to put in your children’s stocking. Go Nuts for Donuts is suitable for 2-6 players (age 8+) and takes 20 minutes to play.

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Anomia Box

Anomia is a fast-paced, exciting card game. When your card matches another player’s, it’s a race to name something from your opponent’s card before they name something on yours. Sounds simple right?!

Anomia is award-winning fun. It won best party game at the UK Games Expo Awards 2014 and is also a Mensa Select winner! These awards prove Anomia is the perfect game for your children’s stocking. Anomia is suitable for 3-6 players (age 10+) and takes 20 minutes to play.

Stocking Filler Games For Teenagers

Muffin Time

Muffin Time Box

Muffin time is a chaotic and unpredictable card game and this version includes expansion packs! It’s easy to learn and quick to play, but be beware: anything can (and probably will) happen in this exciting party game. Unleash runaway trains, exploding turtles and homicidal potatoes to crush your friends, collect 10 cards and win the game in style!

Muffin Time’s anarchic gameplay and hilarious cards make it a fantastic party game that teenagers and adults will both enjoy immensely. Muffin Time is suitable for 2-8 players (age 13+) and takes 20 minutes to play.

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Quirky Box

Quirky is an exciting fast-paced, quick-thinking, question and answer, bluff and banter quiz game for family and friends. However, this is nothing like your conventional fact-based quiz - in this game, you decide the answers! 

Quirky has over 1150 different brilliant questions packed into a small box, making it the superb gift for a stocking. Quirky is suitable for 3-8 players (age 10+) and takes 20 minutes to play.

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Stay Cool

Stay Cool Box

Stay Cool is an exciting multitasking game where you are bombarded with questions, some you answer out loud and some you answer with dice. You must keep your cool and answer as many as you can in the time given. It couldn’t be easier to stay cool…

Stay Cool is a unique party game that’s full of laughter and is the perfect gift for your teenager. Stay Cool is suitable for 3-7 players (age 12+) and takes 25 minutes to play.

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Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

Mr Lister's Quiz Shootout Box

Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout is a Wild West trivia showdown with hundreds of different questions covering everything from Brits favourite cakes to the most common first words spoken by a baby. Mr Lister puts on his moustache, asks a multi-answered question and you fight to stay in the game. Get it wrong you're out, get a golden answer, you're straight to the shootout round!

Mr Lister is a great game for big families to play at Christmas, so giving it to your teenager is a great way to make sure you have a copy. Mr Lister is suitable for 3-20 players (age 14+) and takes 20 minutes to play.

Buy Mr Lister's Quiz Shootout Here

Big 6

Big 6 Box

Big 6 is a fast-thinking bidding quiz game for all the family. Outwit and outbid your rivals as you tackle topics against time. Can you predict how many ‘traditional children’s party games’ or ‘dating apps or websites’ you can name before the time runs out? If you match your predictions you win the cards. Collect six of one colour card or one of all six colour cards to win.

Big 6’s large range of different topics (over 1150) and small box make it an ideal gift. Big 6 is suitable for 2+ players (age 12+) and takes 20 minutes to play.

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No Way!


No Way! Box


No Way! is an exciting game of bluff, lies and surprise! You'll learn some amazing, weird and wonderful ‘facts’ along the way, but to win it's not about what you know… it’s the way that you tell it! 

No Way’s small box, sneaky rules and hilarious gameplay make it a brilliant gift. No Way! Is suitable for 2+ players (age 12+) and takes 20 minutes to play. 

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Don’t Get Got

Don't Get Got Box

Don't Get Got! is an easy to teach and learn party game. Each player is given six secret missions to pull off. Each mission requires you to get inventive and trick one of your friends without them suspecting anything. It adds a fresh undertone of foolishness to any occasion. The game ends when someone has accomplished three of their missions. This could happen at any time - so don't let your guard down!

Don’t Get Got is easy to learn, fun to play and a fantastic game to play with your family at Christmas. Don’t Get Got is suitable  for 2-8 players (age 14+) and takes 30 minutes - 3 days to play. 

Buy Don't Get Got Here

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