Best Party Board Games To Play This Summer Break

It’s party time!

We can now meet up again, which means party game nights are back on the cards! We have put together a list of the best party board games to keep your guests entertained and ‘level up’ your next summer get-together.

These games are fast-moving, fun and totally hilarious!

Herd Mentality

Test how well you know your friends in this udderly addictive party game. Flip over a question, grab a pen and try to blend in with the herd by writing down the same answers as your friends.

Can you all think up the same answer or will you end up stuck with the pink cow of doom? Herd mentality is quick to learn and easy to play - even for groups of up to 20 people!

(4-20 players, 10+)


Your mission is a simple one - watch out for snakes! They already know the answers and are trying to charm everyone else into choosing the wrong answers.

Prepare for a game of skill, luck and a little venom! Snakesss is a brilliant social deduction game perfect for the whole family!

(4-8 players, 12+)

Cross Clues

You’re trying to come up with a clue for exactly two words in the grid that others need to guess. Your goal is to find as many word combinations as possible to fill the grid. 

Choose your words wisely to achieve the best score. Cross Clues is a fast and cooperative game to have fun with friends and family!

(2-6 players, 7+)

Don’t Get Got

Everyone gets their own six secret missions to pull off. Each mission requires you to get inventive and trick one of your friends without them suspecting anything. It adds a fresh undertone of foolishness to any occasion. 

The game ends when someone has accomplished three of their missions. This could happen at any time - so don't let your guard down!

(2-10 players, 14+)

20 Second Showdown

Two teams go head to head in a fast and furious series of ridiculous challenges. It’s quick to learn and easy to play, but like any good game, it's a challenge to master.

Complete as many crazy challenges as you can with your team before your time runs out. This hilarious party game is perfect for large groups!

(5-20 players, 10+)

Master Word

Work together to discover the secret word from only a single starting hint! This game requires you to have an eagle eye for details!

A game of masters, seekers, clues and words! Master Word is great to play at your next game night, and can be played over zoom!

(3-6 players, 12+)

With so many summer game choices, you will surely be the life of the party! Let us know if you have played any of these outstanding titles.

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