Christmas Parcels for Families in Food Poverty

We are teaming up with Bristol-based Charity Ignite Life to set up a fund to go towards Christmas and winter parcels for families living in food poverty. We want to make Christmas and the winter months special for families who need support the most.



In 2019/20 520,000 adults and 320,000 children relied on food banks. Since April 2020, Ignite Life has been able to provide over 80,000 meals and £2000 in food vouchers. This Christmas, they want to offer festive parcels which will include toys and games, as well as food and other provisions. 

The prevalence of poor mental health in people referred to a food bank increased from 51% in early 2020 to 72% in mid-2020. - Trussell Trust

We are supporting Ignite Life by helping provide games for families in food poverty and who may be experiencing mental health challenges. Playing games has countless benefits including spending positive time with family members and friends, reducing isolation and increasing confidence. 

Check out our blog on the mental health benefits of playing games to discover the positive impact playing board games could have on the mental health’s of families living in food poverty.

In 2020, 4.3 million children in the UK lived in relative poverty, this has increased by 400,000 from the previous year. - The House of Commons

How You Can Help

With your generous support, not only will Ignite Life be able to continue to provide food parcels to families throughout the winter months, they will also be able to provide Christmas parcels to those in need. Each donation will go towards games and toys as well as Christmas supplies to create a special time for families in food poverty. 



If you want to donate books, games and toys instead of money, please email to see how.

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