New Big Potato Party Game Zillionaires on Mars Box being Held

Big Potato Games are a British board game publisher that specialises in party games. They have been bringing the fun and excitement back to the tabletop and are continuing to grow each year. Some of our favourites include the colourful trivia game Colour Brain, the fun bluffing social deduction game The Chameleon and the udderly addictive family party game Herd Mentality

Here’s a look at some of the new games Big Potato has released this year:

Zillionaires on Mars - Bid, bluff and buy up real estate that’s out of this world!
What Next  - A pick-your-path adventure game packed full of exciting challenges!
Nice Buns - A dice-rolling strategy game about collecting bao buns from the Nice Buns Buffet!
Snakesss - A super-sneaky quiz party game. Your mission is a simple one - watch out for snakes!
Muffin Time - What time is it? It’s Muffin Time! This version comes with all of the expansion packs!
20 Second Showdown - The ultimate showdown for two teams!

Zillionaires on Mars

Zillionaires on Mars Box and Contents

The year is 2160 and the Red Planet (Mars) is now the no1 place to live in the solar system. We’re talking floating hotels, zero-gravity golf courses and 9-mile-high volcanoes with hot tubs! 

Zillionaires on Mars is a space-age auction game where your mission is to buy up as much of Mars as possible before rival property tycoons take over. Everyone starts the game with 49 Zillion Dollars from the bank and a set of coloured chips. The first player to bid for and buy up four properties in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line wins.

The rules of Zillionaires on Mars are super simple: You take turns drawing property cards. The player who draws the card then places the for sale sign on the correct square and starts the bidding. They either bid the minimum amount shown on the card or fold. Then the bidding war begins and the winning bidder pays the bank, takes the property card and places a chip on the correct square. Now you turn over a new property card and go again! 

Zillionaires on Mars Lifestyle Photo of Board and For Sale SignIf you turn over a payday card then 2 things happen: First, you bid as normal and the winner gets to put a chip on any free square in the indicated range. Second, it’s payday! - Everyone gets paid 7 zillion dollars for every chip they have on the board. But, the most you can get paid is 49 zillion dollars, even if you have more chips on the board because we can’t have the bank going bankrupt can we?!

The only square on the board where different rules apply is number 49. You can bid for and win number 49 but can be kicked off it later in the game if another player bids for and wins it. If you occupy number 49 and win it again, you can place a chip on any free square on the board.

Like all great family board games, Zillionaires on Mars takes only 2 minutes to learn and around 20 minutes to play. Recommended for ages 8+ and suitable for 2-5 players, Zillionaires on Mars is perfect for your next family games night. 

What Next 

What Next Box and Contents

Have you ever questioned what you’d get if you mixed a group of party games, a choose-your-own-adventure narrative, and a dexterity game? The answer is What Next. A cooperative action-adventure game where you never know what’s waiting around the corner. Working together with your teammates, your goal is to navigate your way through the adventure, conquer any obstacles you encounter and make it to the end in one piece. 

There are 3 different adventures for you to choose from: “Drums of Koala Cave” (easy), “The SkyScraper Caper” (pretty tricky)or “Blinky’s Great Escape” (pros only). Inside of each adventure, there are location cards, event cards and item cards. You start the game with location card 1 and read it out, setting the scene. At the bottom of these cards, you have a choice to make and everyone has to vote to decide which direction to go in.

What Next Lifestyle Photo

Depending on your choices, the plot advances (in rather mysterious and astonishing ways)! At certain points, you’ll see the ‘Event’ symbol on one of the location cards, this means it is time for the event cards. The event cards feature physical challenges, such as shape build, puck push, item search and over 60 unique mini-games.

If you fail a challenge, you must start building a ‘tower of peri’ with purple, asymmetrical shapes. Think Jenga, but even wobblier! Be very careful - if your tower falls then it’s game over and you’ll have to start again! You win if you can make it to the end of the adventure deck without knocking your tower of peril.

All the adventures can be completed by 1-4 players (ages 10+) and take around 40 minutes, depending on how good your decision making and challenge skills are! What Next’s cooperative gameplay and exciting challenges make it a great game to enjoy as a family whilst also improving your dexterity skills.

Nice Buns

Nice Buns Box and Contents

Take a seat in the “Nice Buns Buffet” and enjoy a tasty light strategy game. Roll the dice and race to collect three sets of matching bao buns before the other diners. But be careful, watch out for the fish-head buns which can ruin your meal!

To set up this tasty game, you hand a plate to each customer and then put all the buns inside the steamer bag and give it a good shake around. Next, you take six buns at random and place them on the tray in the middle. Finally, each player must take two buns (make sure they're different colours) and place them in front of them.

Nice Buns Lifestyle Photo of Plate, Bao Buns and Dice

At the Nice Buns Buffet, each dice does something different. The small one tells you how many buns to take out of the bag (without peeking), the medium one lets you take buns from the tray in the middle and the big die lets you steal, trade and swap buns with the other diners around the table.

But there’s a twist! At this restaurant, you share everything with your neighbour - including your dice rolls. Each time you roll the dice, you have to split them into two groups. After that, the player on your left chooses which dice you'll keep… and which ones they'll take for themselves. Remember, the key to a happy time at the Nice Buns buffet is to be clever with your rolls and make your neighbour an offer they can't refuse!

Nice Buns will be the tastiest light strategy game you play all year. Each game takes around 30 minutes to play and is suitable for 2-4 players (age 10+). Grabbing the buns you need is simple once you know how. Kids, families and friends will all love a trip to the Nice Buns!


Snakesss Box and Contents

Snakesss is a new party game for 4-8 players from Phil Walker-Harding, who also created The Chameleon, Sushi Go Party and Silver & Gold. It combines a Werewolf-style setup where some players are secretly trying to sabotage everyone else with crafty trivia questions to create one very fun, quick-to-learn game. 

The concept of Snakesss couldn’t be simpler: some of you are liars. On each turn, players are assigned secret roles as Ordinary Humans and Snakes, with one player assigned to be the Mongoose, who tries to get the right answer and whose identity is the only one that’s public. Someone will read an arcane trivia question with three potential answers. Everyone then closes their eyes and the snakes get to look at the flip side of the card to see what the correct answer is. The Humans and Mongoose will try to answer the question whilst the snakes try to convince everyone else to pick one of the two wrong answers. They can work together, pretend to disagree with you or use any tactic they’d like.

Snakesss Lifestyle Photo of example question, answer chips and snake token

After two minutes of discussion, the humans and the mongoose select the answer chip of their choice and place it face down on the table. The players who are snakes place the snake chip, also face down. If you’re an honest player and you get the right answer, you get one point for every player who guessed correctly. If you guess wrong, you get… nothing. If you’re a snake, you score based on how many people guessed incorrectly. When you have finished tallying up scores from the first round, you reshuffle the character cards and get ready for round 2. After 6 rounds, the game ends and whoever has scored the most points wins!

The questions in Snakesss are suitably ridiculous, and definitely not the sort of trivia that one person in your friend group who goes to pub trivia contests five nights a week might know. For example, which of these three names was considered by Walt Disney for one of the seven dwarves: Burpy, Fatty or Goofy? What has been proven to attract sharks: strobe lights, soy sauce, or heavy metal music? 

Snakesss takes about 30 minutes to play, but that’s going to depend on how social the group is and how long you spend laughing between questions. With its quick setup and intriguing concept, Snakesss is an accessible game that everyone can enjoy.

Muffin Time

Muffin Time 2021 Edition Box and Cards

Introducing the new and improved Muffin Time, packed with even more flavour (and surprises) than before! You won’t just find runaway trains, exploding turtles and homicidal potatoes anymore - there are new cards from the ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Pie Flavour’ expansion packs. This means 80 more obstacles for you to throw at your opponents, in your chaotic and unpredictable race to collect 10 cards before anyone else. 

You start the game with 3 cards each, and the rest of the cards are left in a pile. On your go, you either draw a card from the pile or play one of the action cards in your hand. Some action cards get you more cards, some make your rivals lose cards, some make you play mini-games and some are just plain freaky!

Muffin Time 2021 Edition Lifestyle Photo of someone holding cards

Each turn you can also lay a trap card. Trap cards are kept secret and activate when a player does something specific. For example: “The what time is it?” trap card means if another player asks the time you steal 4 of their cards. As soon as this happens, flip the card over, read it out loud, and make the guilty player who activated it face the consequence.

There are also counter cards. Use these to defend yourself at any moment. Some counter action cards, some reverse effects and some counter other counters!

Muffin Time is quick to learn and each card states what it does. It takes around 20 minutes to play and is suitable for 2-8 players (ages 13+). Therefore, with its amusing art and anarchic fun, it’s a great game to play with non-gamers and more seasoned board gamers alike. This adaptability alone makes Muffin Time a worthy addition to your collection of games. 

20 Second Showdown

20 Second Showdown Box and Contents

20 Second Showdown is a hilarious party game where two teams go head to head in a fast and furious series of ridiculous challenges. It’s quick to learn and easy to play, but like any good game, it's a challenge to master. Complete as many crazy challenges as you can with your team before your time runs out.

To start the game you must choose a judge who will be in charge of reading the challenges and monitoring the sands of time. Then, everyone else splits into 2 teams. Once you have your dream team, start the timer and get ready for whatever crazy challenge the game throws at you.

20 Second Showdown Lifestyle Photo

Once you complete a task, the judge flips over the sands of time and it’s the other team's turn in the hot seat. Be prepared for all sorts of silly challenges such as finding a mirror and kissing your reflection, hugging a plant and more.

If a challenge ever gets too difficult for you, you can always use the help card to pass the challenge to another player in your team - but be quick! If your team runs out of time then you will lose the round, and you must reset the timer (whilst the other team celebrates). Race to be the first team to win 3 rounds to declare yourself the absolute winners!

20 Second Showdown is a brilliant family party game for adults and kids aged 10+. You can learn how to play in 30 Seconds! Best played with 5-20 players, it’s a super entertaining game for larger groups. It’s the perfect game to play with all your friends and family this Christmas!

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