Our Steps Towards Sustainability

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace

Sustainability begins with how we operate. This means taking into account ethics at every phase of our product’s lifecycle. We do this by trying our best to follow the four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and replace.


We have a whole collection of games that are 100% plastic free! This means you can buy games without worrying about the environmental impact of plastic.

Plastic Free Party Game P for Pizza Lifestyle Photo


There’s too much plastic in the world, and the games supplier Big Potato is trying to cut it out wherever they can. They plan to have made 64% of their games plastic-free by the end of 2021. They are removing the shrink wrap around boxes and cards, replacing plastic stickers with cellulose and removing all of the plastic inserts inside their games.

We are proud to sell Big Potato games and will continue to work with suppliers that care about the environment as much as we do.


We strive to reuse boxes and void fill that we have been sent by our suppliers when packing our games for delivery. 

Sustainable Packaging

When this isn’t possible, we use single wall cardboard boxes that have recycled content ranging from 60% to 90% and are also vegan friendly. We also use environmentally friendly void fill that is 100% recycled and paper kraft tape that is acid-free, 100% recyclable and vegan friendly. 

Furthermore, we try our best to use appropriately sized boxes when we deliver our games so we can cut down on the pollution from transportation, by fitting more of our games inside delivery vans. 

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