Sarah's Board Game Journey

My family always played board games growing up, but what the community would be considered “classics” - Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, etc.

When I met my husband, I learned about some more modern games, like Catan, Carcassonne, and Villainous. When the pandemic struck, games became our life essentially. Between the desire to have something to do as a family that didn’t involve screens but still kept us safe during the worst of the pandemic, and unexpectedly home-schooling my stepson, I became almost obsessed with board games.

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Our collection grew from a modest 10-15 games to over 250. We have games covering a huge range of interests and topics. Game schooling was a lifesaver for our home-school journey, and about half of our collection is dedicated to games that aligned with some portion of my stepson’s curriculum: Ocean Catastrophe, Organ Attack and Evolution for science; Proof, Sum Swamp, and RPG-style games for math; Dixit, Headbandz, and Spell Smashers for ELA.

Now that things are slowly returning to normal, board games are still a huge part of our lives. We have family game nights two to three times a week, whether it’s just my husband and I, games with the kiddos, or longer playtime games with extended family. My mom and I also sneak games in during my daughter’s nap pretty regularly!

Board games have really made a big difference for us. They allow a fun outlet for the whole family and give us quality time together. I love seeing and supporting new projects, so much so that I started an Instagram dedicated entirely to board games. Visiting my page and adding content has been a great form of self-care for me, as it’s something I really enjoy doing.

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Some of my absolute favourite games right now are Bandido, Sushi Go, Isle of Cats, Dice Throne Adventures, Adventure Tactics, Arch Ravels, Atheneum, and the One Hundred Torii.

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