Suzanna and Brad Holding Ganz Schon Clever

I'm a huge fan of what board gaming has done for our relationship, not only as a couple but also as a family. It's given us something to do at home, instead of being glued to the screens. It's given us new friends and helped us to connect with old friends. I've watched Beany develop and grow through playing games and teaching his Grandad & friends games.

During the first UK lockdown, Brad was working from home and Beany (my son) required all my attention, all day long and like many people I found it tough and overwhelming at times. We started playing board games more and posting about them on Instagram. This started as a way to learn about new games and gain inspiration. However, it quickly became something more.

One of the biggest things it did was reignite my love of creativity. I studied video production, film and media at university but after a hard time of trying to fit into that industry I gave up. But doing weekly challenges on Instagram got my creative juices flowing and gave me something to do during a really really boring time in our lives!!

Our social life has drastically improved thanks to board games. Prior to lock down we only played games with one other couple, now we have a bunch more people who bring loads more games and opportunities to the table.

I've even found a love of solo gaming, which is a fantastic way for me to take a bit of time to myself, focus, train the brain a bit and not just swipe through social media (ironically). I love playing Ganz Schön Clever with a cup of tea!

Playing board games with Beany is something we absolutely love doing and now he's getting older we are able to play more "grown-up" games as 3 players. A recent new discovery for him, (not us, it was one of our first games) is Forbidden Island!

So Thank you board games. Thank you for taking what could have been the worst year ever and giving it the biggest silver lining!

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