Chris' Board Game Journey

Chris' Board Game Journey

Like most people, board games were a big part of my early years. But after a long hiatus, I rediscovered the hobby when I was close to 40. 
James with games shelf in the background

James' Board Game Journey

Greetings from @bigmeeple.littlemeeple! My name is James, I am a father of three, a husband of one, and I have been a gamer since I could crawl. Growing up with ADHD, I struggled to pay attention to most things, but gaming was always something I could lose myself in for hours at a time. 
Ruth playing Kerplunk outside with a big smile

Ruth's Board Game Journey

I grew up playing board games with friends and my family and also enjoyed playing board games when volunteering in a refugee centre. It’s a great way to connect with different people and bridge barriers!

Eleanor and Max holding board games

Eleanor's Board Game Journey

Hi! My name is Eleanor and I’m one half of @board_runner on Instagram. Me and my partner, Max, are both big fans of board games; since first getting seriously into the hobby at the start of 2021, we have accumulated a collection of over 100 games… 🙈
Suzanna and Brad Holding Ganz Schon Clever

Suzanna's Board Game Journey

I'm Suzanna from GameswithBeany. Board games have helped us in so many ways. From giving two new parents something to do on a Friday night, helping us cope during a crazy 2020, and bringing new friends into our lives.

Sarah's Board Game Journey

Sarah's Board Game Journey

We’re a blended family of four that LOVES board games and game schooling. Family game nights are our favourite nights, and we enjoy sharing our love of games with anyone who will listen!
Rob holding his favourite board Game, Marvel Splendor

Rob's Board Game Journey

From being a teenager I have struggled with confidence and been happier in my own company. As a young adult I worked on these and board games helped me in my journey to grow in confidence and also enabled me to build friendships that I never thought I would.
Jim, Author of Jim's Board Game Journey Blog

Jim's Board Game Journey

Board games have made me a better father, husband and person. They have changed the landscape of my life for the better. From humble beginnings to an addiction for life, here is how one trip to a café set me on a new course of life.

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