Rob holding his favourite board Game, Marvel Splendor

Board games have become such a big part of my life it feels like I’ve been playing them forever. In reality, I ordered my first true board game 6 months ago. The game was Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and I came across it through an in-app advertisement. I had played some card games and picked up some other family board games over the previous years but it was never a hobby.  

When reflecting on my board game journey I can see a parallel with my mental health journey: Throughout my life, I’ve lacked confidence and generally enjoyed my own company more than that of others. Not that I’m a recluse, I’m just happy being by myself. These are things I’ve always worked on and I am in a much better position today than when I was a teenager and young adult but I have taken the biggest leap in these last 6 months, since beginning my board game journey.  

Rob Holding his favourite board game, Marvel Splendor

My love for board games made me want to talk about them more which is when I created the Instagram account TMFboardgames. Something I did just to satisfy my new addiction. What I found though was amazing, a welcoming community and new friends. Friends with who I shared the same obsessive interest. The conversations and encouragement from this new community have made me feel more confident about myself and made me more comfortable in engaging with people.  

In these last few months, my board game knowledge and awareness have expanded, as has my collection. Whilst there are many games I want to buy I’ve had to be selective in what I have, trying to create a range of different games; from little box games like Bandido to classic games such as Castles of Burgundy. My favourite thing about board games is when my family ask me to play one. A recent purchase of Marvel: Splendor has encouraged them to do this even more recently which has made me very happy indeed. 


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